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Apr 2018 — Dec 2023
Gold Coast, Australia

For over five years working at Localsearch, I developed multiple iterations of themes, templates, and components used on core websites of the business.

Localsearch business website

As part of the B2B and Knowledge Base teams, I was an integral part of stand-ups and strategy meetings, bringing technical insights to guide project managers and designers.

Map animation for Localsearch

I designed and coded animations to be used by designers and developers, collaborating with the company global design system.

Localsearch widgets

I designed and developed a widget builder to allow clients to display Localsearch reviews in their websites, encouraging visitor engagement.

Localsearch widgets

I coded low fidelity prototypes based on JSON data to test alternative scenarios in a more dynamic way. Detecting states and edge cases became more reliable, avoiding early-stage complex design files with a lot of manual input and guesswork. Also, variations could be branched, merged and versioned.

WordPress blocks for Localsearch

I’ve customised several content management systems, building user-friendly editor components with pre-defined styles that followed the company’s design system. Additionally, I extended the CMS architecture and provided endpoints for content sharing across Localsearch products.

  • Logo for Node Node
  • Logo for Git Git
  • Logo for Webpack Webpack

I implemented build systems using Webpack, and later Parcel, improving not only code output but developer experience. Additionally, I maintained repos in the Localsearch GitLab self-managed instance and configured WordPress environments for deploying to WPEngine through Git.

Stack used at Localsearch

  • Logo for HTML HTML
  • Logo for SVG SVG
  • Logo for CSS CSS
  • Logo for Tailwind Tailwind
  • Logo for JavaScript JavaScript
  • Logo for TypeScript TypeScript
  • Logo for PHP PHP
  • Logo for React React
  • Logo for Alpine Alpine
  • Logo for WordPress WordPress
  • Logo for SQL SQL
  • Logo for Git Git
  • Logo for Webpack Webpack
  • Logo for Figma Figma
  • Logo for Sketch Sketch
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