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A front-end developer that strives for a great UX.

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript have been part of my daily work for over a decade. I know JavaScript and the Browser API well. The DOM, event loop queues, async flows, closures and events are engrained in my thinking. I have used JavaScript outside of browser environments too, using Node, and in design apps such as Illustrator.

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I used component libraries for quick mock-ups and to explore ways to organize content. They are great for early prototyping and even user testing. I have used them for production sites as components come with common accessibility features out of the box. Tweaking their SASS variables can go a long way in producing unique themes.

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I’ve been working with React for about five years, progressively adopting TypeScript. I have set up build environments with Webpack and used CRA before Vite. I am familiar with well-established packages such as React Query and React Hook Forms. I have used React in modern frameworks and built back-end WYSIWYG components in WordPress.

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I have used WordPress as a CMS extensively coding custom themes, blocks, custom post types, custom fields and post relationship architecture. I am also familiar with working and customizing plugins through hooks and working with established plugins and page builders.

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I spend a lot of time in the terminal. I started using my grandfather’s computer as a kid, a black screen with a blinking green cursor The terminal is always right! – my grandfather used to say – It always does exactly what you ask it to do. And it does it fast and at scale.

I use Git in every project. I have managed a few repos in a private Gitlab instance at my previous job, using a Gitflow branching strategy. I also used Git for WordPress deployment with WPEngine, Github, Vercel and Netlify.

I have used several other tools over the years. I am confident in having the transferable knowledge necessary to bridge the gap between my current development stack and similar technologies.

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